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~ Our Club Messages ~

Where BBBW's and they admirers can come to together and feel loved.
Happiness and love for all. Dealing with dating, family, and social issues.
Us here are family drama free. The best club on the net..
Some say that BBBW'S aren't beautiful, we say that we are. If you are a BBBW and you love yourself.
This is the place to be.

"Comments from a fellow BBBW admirer"

Subject: Big Beautiful Afro American Women
Hello and best wishes to you all,
I have spent more than 35 years admiring and enjoying beautiful women, It never ceases to amaze me, how the world can offer so many varieties of beauty in the the female form. I have often wondered and I guess I always will wonder, at the exquisite nature and variety of the female of the species. Some women look best at certain angles or in certain light, some look great in certain clothes or underwear and others look fantastic, no matter what they do or how they pose. The world is filled to the brim with beautiful women and there are many men(and women) who are willing to admire them , I must admit that this has been my favourite and most cherished passtime in life. After many years,I can now say with certainty, that the most beautiful, fascinating and exquisite women on earth, belong to one group and one group only, a similar level of excitement, beauty and womanlyness can NOT be found anywhere, Hear me! because I say, ANYWHERE! on the face of the earth, other than in that one fantastic, exclusive and heavenly group, and that group is the almighty and fabulously beautiful Sisterhood of the Big and beautiful Afro American Woman. No beauty on earth can be compared to it, no lake no sunset no flower can be assesed beside it, all other maifestations of human beauty and spiritulity pale into total insignificance when brought within the realm of those large and exquisitly beautiful Afro American Women. I love them each and every one, I salute them each and every one and I cherish and respect them each and every one. If you are fortunate enough to have been honoured with the love and devotion of one of these Afro American Woman, then you would do well to go down on your knees and thank the almighty for blessing you and please, in the dear one's name, please treat her with the towering respect that all such Women deserve.
Sincerely, Alan.

My Big Beautiful Black Women

My Big Beautiful Black Women do you know how special you are/you are my world/you are my star/
My Big Beautiful Black Women do you know what you mean to me/you are my mornings sun and my moonlit nights/you are what i pray to god for before i go to sleep at night/ My Big Beautiful Black Women where would i be/if you weren't here with me/you are oh so sexy but also stong/you are the sparrows magical song/
My Big Beautiful Black Women your love makes me high/i need daily doseges of you to get me by/yes i'm addictted to your mind,body and even your soul/ i'm here to tell the world look and behold/ the true essence of women in everyway/yeah i'm feelin you and i want you to feel me/deep inside of your thoughts where many refuse to be/but i'm not scared i'll give it to you nice and slow/so you can comperhend what i'm giving to you on a steady flow/i love you my sista's i just wanted you to know/
My Big Beautiful Black Women how you inspire me so/the true queen's of the earth i will never let you go
hold on to you with lots of love and understanding/never taking you for granted or never demanding/no argueing or fighting just long romantic nights/dinner and bubblebath by candlelight
My Big Beautiful Black Women always walk straight and keep your head up high/never let no one cheat you or deprive/you of your worth cause in the end it's you that you'll hurt/don't settle for less to not be alone at night/stick to your guns and everything will turnout alright/be faithful/stay in prayer and God will provide what you need/i feel you sista's for you my heart bleeds/that's why i wrote this to let you all know/that you are beautiful and wonderful also pure delight/
My Big Beautiful Black Women may you always shine/ and like fine wine may you just get better with time/i hope you can feel this/i hope i've done you proud/this is just a little something to say that i pray that you will always be around/
My Big Beautiful Black Women........
written by the ghostwriter a.k.a makiville
this is dedicated to all My Big Beautiful Women everywhere..

As I look into the words that are flowing from your fingertips, I notice the grip that you hold your piece of creation together. You're a mother, a sister, a wife, a lover and a friend. I came here blind, not knowing what to expect, but what I found was a caring and loving household. True,I have in this place I call home a multitude of family members , all with the same common trait. They all love me as I love them. I have sisters who are are light skinned, dark skinned and caramel coated, but they all love me as I love them. I love my sisters. We carry one another to the level of security needed to cheat harmful intentions. I have fallen and have gotten up or shall I say lifted up? My sisters saw me in pain and nursed me back to health with love and affection. My mother was the glue that kept all of her kids in line. Not with force, but with the love that was at times stearn. This club will forever be a center piece of my existence because I have learned a lot about people. All kinds, from as far west as California to as far north as New York. As with most households, we will fight and bicker but no one else can disturb the foundation that has been put in place. Ladies, I can't speak for all the men here, but a few of them I know love and respect you to the fullest. Your brothers will I hope support you in all your endeavors. We love you for standing by us through all of our triffling ways. We don't mean to be the thorns in your side all day every day, we just at times need the understanding that you have shown us since the beginning of time. I also want to thank you for not judging when the jury passed it's sentence. I indeed would have gotten life, but with you I was given another chance at rehabilitation. I refuse to let you down any further. Your husband, your brother, your lover and your friend. Thank You, Dave